Teaching at the IOM School of Ministry in Bradenton FL.

There are two teachings here…

Here’s the first one.

The second teaching is in three parts.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Bradenton Aglow

Pastor Sarah Jansson preaching at the Bradenton Aglow in Florida.
Part 1:   Click Here        Part 2:   Click Here

Fire in the Wilderness Conference

Click here to watch Pastor Sarah preaching at the Conference Jan.2014

Fire in the Wilderness Conference

Part two is just a few minutes long and can be seen here… Part 2

Christmas Outreach 2013

The Christmas Outreach Video is broken down into four small parts. You can see them by going to my YouTube Channel.

Click here: Sarah Jansson YouTube Channel. Also while you’re there, be sure to click the Subscribe button and you will receive all of the latest video updates as we post them… Continue reading

A WORD for 2014

A WORD for 2014: This is what came to me in prayer yesterday for 2014 for the body of Christ

A QUAKING: a growing rumbling in the Spirit realm
A BREAKING: the fallow ground in one’s life that is still left undone
A BAKING (in the fire of God to produce vessels of pure gold,
white- hot on fire for the Lord)
A DEEPER AWAKENING: Spirit to spirit
EYES TO SEE! Even as He sees
More Territory given to the body
THE LATTER RAIN and the FORMER RAIN… Continue reading


We are told in the book of Revelation chapter one verse six, that Jesus has formed us into a kingdom a royal race, priests to His God and Father- to Him be the Glory and the power and the majesty and the dominion throughout the ages, and forever and ever.  We are told that when we are born again we become a royal race. So that means you are now royalty. You are also priests unto God. Revelations chapter five verse ten also tells us that we have been made a kingdom and a royal race and priests to our… Continue reading


We need to understand who we are, the purpose that we were created for, and what we are to  do to in life, by going to the Word of God. So where do we start saints of God, Isaiah chapter one verse eighteen to twenty, says, “Come now, and let us reason together, says the Lord. Though our sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall be like wool. If you are willing and obedient you shall eat the good of the land; but if you refuse and rebel… Continue reading


Go Lower Still!
So you say that you’re submitted and yielded to me?
Lower Still!
You Say that you have gone deep!
Well now is the time and the hour that I AM calling you to go deeper still!
Deep is calling unto Deep, and Deep is calling you to go Deeper still.
I am calling My Bride
Do you not hear the Sound of the Spirit and the sound of the Shofar?
I am calling My Remnant Bride
Go down down down deep deep down in My Spirit.
Go lower still!
Allow yourself to be taught by the Rehma… Continue reading


Enter through the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and spacious and broad is the way that leads away to destruction, and many are those who are entering through it. But the gate is narrow (contracted by pressure) and the way is straitened and compressed that leads away to life, and few are those who find it. (Matt 7:13-14)
Chapter five in the book of Galatians has much to say about what we will find on the broad road and also what’s on the narrow road. It starts by telling us that “in-Christ” we have been made… Continue reading

Our Priestly Duties Over Our Nation

Mordecai said to Esther, “And who knows whether you have not attained Royalty for such a time as this?” Well so child of the living God, you also are royalty, and perhaps you were born in your generation for such a time as this. Jesus Christ made it clear in His Word who we are, and what our duties are as part of His Royal… Continue reading

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